The Jump!

The first day of school, the first jump from the edge of the pool, or the first holiday abroad; uncharted territory can be terrifying, yet exciting! The first session with a psychologist or therapist can feel the same. I would like to gently invite you to your first therapy session. I will be your guide through this brave and necessary step. Together, we will discover ways to get you over this obstacle in life.

Therapy Sessions

Our psychological counseling and therapy combines approaches of systemic counseling and positive psychology. Our therapeutic discussions are welcoming with a non-judgmental attitude to foster change and discovery. Together, we will find resources to begin healing. Causes for "symptoms” or “undesirable behaviors" are identified so that solutions can emerge. My focus is holistic, resourceful, and solution-oriented. The initial meeting serves to get to know each other, establish trust, and discover our goals together. Later, we will decide together how many sessions are necessary. The discussions take place by phone or online via audio or video chat.