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Please contact us! As a psychologist, systemic consulter, and alternative psychotherapeutic practitioner, I would like to offer my help and support.

Psychologist (M. Sc.) Lin Slot 
Phone: +49 (0) 15734852317

My Philosophy 

We are faced with constant challenges in life. These trials cannot continue to be ignored, and, eventually, we must learn to overcome them. They ultimately drive us to growth and strength. However, if an obstacle appears too big or a loss too severe, it can cripple us. When this happens, it is necessary to get the support we need with psychological counseling or therapy.

My approach is solution-focused, resource-oriented, and systemic. This results in problems not to be evaluated negatively, but rather interpreted as indications that a change is necessary. For such a change, it sometimes only takes a small recognition from an outside perspective for improvement, avoiding the need for a long, drawn-out consultation process.

My experience combined with your self-actualization and needs, we can work together to overcome challenges and take the next step to find hope.

About me

Psychologist (M. Sc.) Lin Inga Slot 

  • Studies of Psychology at the University of Saarland (B. Sc.) and Freiburg (M. Sc.) 

  • Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy 

Systemic Counselor

  • Training as a systemic counselor at the "Educational Institute for therapeutic professions"

  • Member of the German Association for Systemic, Counseling and Family Therapy

Practitioner of "Australian Regenerative Deep Relaxation Technique"  

  • Training with Hans-Jürgen Folkerts - Paracelsus School of Gießen

  • Internship in New Zealand with researcher of "Australian Regenerative Deep Relaxation Technique"

  • Member of German Association for relaxation educators

Further information about me can be found here.

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